Lovin’ Universeitat van Amsterdam

Another wonderful experience I’ve had preparing for my studies in Universeitat van Amsterdam (yup, starting to learn a little Dutch now. I now know dank we jel which means thank you). They sent me an information package that says which courses I am allowed to take for my semester there. What is even more brilliant about it is that each course has its detailed description of what I am about to study in it and most importantly what is the final output I can create out of such course.

Through their online course catalog, everything is laid on the table. What the course is expecting to get from me (meaning my deliverables and tasks) and what I can expect to get from it (skills and knowledge I can learn).

Just wonderful. I have already submitted to our Programme Manager my chosen elective course and methodology course. Can’t wait to learn new things and apply them directly to European society.



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