Getting a Dorm Slot Half the World Away

Another amazing thing happened today. Received an email from the University of Amsterdam and asking me on my housing when I arrive.

Now receiving that email about housing from this European university was such a delight.

Of course, the letter was long and I had to make effort in reading every line. Interesting to find out that I can now already apply today on a slot in one of the dorms. I easily typed a few information on Step 1 of the application form. Then Step 2 was called the “Inspectors Question”. A cyber inspector? Wow.

I was in a virtual office where I was proceeding, through clicks and presses, from one window to the other. And I was doing it halfway around the world.

Everything can be transacted through the internet. Splendid! Their form even asked me on whether I prefer “a shared room”, “a single room with shared facilities” or a “single room with single facilities”. All the prices and the terms and conditions were already stated in that online portal. And if I can get my brother to lend me his credit card so I can pay early, I can even enjoy a 30% discount promo on my housing fees for the whole semester!

Thank God for these blessings.


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