Skyping with E

Just talking with E through Skype awhile ago. I was cooking rice in the kitchen and the laptop was on the dining table. That meant she was as if sitting right there on the table too. I was talking to her the whole time I was cleaning the rice with water and putting it in the cooker and plugging it.

I love Skype.

I can still remember way back while I was in the undergrad.  Letter after letter. Just to comfort myself from loneliness, I have to write it down. Keep the letters for a while. Give it to her in a bunch whenever I see her, which is about twice a month. Long nights. But I somehow survived. She was writing to me too. I still keep the letters.

But in Skype, just brilliant! I get to see her face. I get to hear her laugh. She gets to see me cook rice in the kitchen. I get to make her laugh. I get to see the strands of her hair and how the sunlight touches them softly.

Just staring at her means more than a thousand letters.

Can’t wait to show E how beautiful my dorm room would be in Universiteit van Amsterdam. Can’t wait to make her meet my roommates. Can’t wait to show her how beautiful my room’s view would be. Perhaps it would be snowing too. But must not bring laptop outside on freezing temperature. Not a good idea, I think.


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