The Most Irritating, Funniest and Sweetest: Elder Brother

We did a lot of things together as kids. This was when Papa had to stay in the house because he was sick and Mama had to work in another country. We had some money. We swam in our pool. We swam with our swans. We played with our dogs. We fed our doves. We broke things inside our house. We played with other kids in the neighborhood. We went to school. We did our homework. We went to parks with Papa. We opened Mama’s presents.

He was so irritating. He would always tease me. We would bite, kick, punch, push, ride, curse, choke and drown each other.

We would often end the day in exhaustion.

We fought a lot. He was there around me all the time.

We did a lot of things together as teens. This was when Papa died and Mama had to stay in the house because no one was left to take care of us.  This time no money. We made bead necklaces and braces which no one bought. We talked to people about recruiting them to our business but no one listened. We helped Mama cooked meatloaves but no one bought it the second time around.

He was so funny. One time our aunt’s mother-in-law bought ten meatloaves from us. Being an entrepreneur that he was, he decided to get the most value out of our products. So he gave our aunt’s mother-in-law eight meatloaves for the price of ten.

We would often end the day in frustration.

We cried a lot. He was there with me all the time.

We’re doing things together more than ever now that we’re young adults. We’re helping each other reach our dreams. We’re pulling each other’s burdens. We’re thinking of each other’s welfare. We’re fighting – for each other’s happiness.

He’s the sweetest. He bought me my laptop. My video camera. My watch. My toys. My bags. My shoes. My shorts. My shirts. My toothpaste. My toothbrush.  When I was applying to different study programmes, he paid for my IELTS Test fee, file request fees and courier fees. Now that I’m submitting all my documents for my study programme in Europe, he’s paying (together with Grandma) my dorm fees, registration fees and visa fees. Last time we skyped, he bought me my winter clothes and my soap-and-shampoo pack.

We’re skyping a lot. He’s there for me all this time.

We’ll enjoy a lot. I’ll bring him to Europe.

I’m here for him until the end of time.


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