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Europe, Here I Come!

Ok. I have been silently keeping this within my heart for so long. But the happiness and joy I could no longer contain. It is bursting from my rib cage. I have to write this down.

I am N. I am a 24-year old Asian who has been accepted in a Masters Programme and is about to study and live in Europe for two years. It is only about two months to go before my flight. This is the reason for my euphoria. God has indeed heard my prayers.

But why am I to write these experiences now as I sit here in the living room of our house? I am writing these down and a force within me says I have to write. Because what I am now experiencing and yet to experience in that promised land is the testament of God’s love. I am the vessel from which He will prove to the world how gracious, merciful, how true a friend and a father He is. To His children. Like me.

Secondly. It so much damn fun to write a happy moment. Because you get to focus yourself more on those seconds…when you feel that everything that revolves around you, the stars in the sky and the leaves swaying from the distant trees, are all moving in accordance to God’s destiny…for you.

So join me. As I prepare myself to embark on wonderful journey. A journey that would forever change my life for sure.

Europe, here I come!



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